Characteristics of successful organisations :
(Collins ja Porras, de Geus, Fitz-Enz)

  • Strong, positive, value based organisational culture
  • Dedication on learning and self-renewal
  • Continuous adaptation based on feedback from both internal and external environment
  • Strategic co-operation with internal and external partners, clients and suppliers
  • Willingness to risk and experiment
  • Balanced measuring covering following areas:
    • Financial sustainability
    • Organisational “shape” (effectiveness, efficiency)
    • Co-operation with suppliers and clients (both internal and external)
    • Continuous learning and development
    • Organisational coherence ja employee satisfaction
    • Impact to the society and local community

The abundance of ideas and the ability to implement the priority ideas quickly enough is crucial competitive edge. Challenge and development are the main motivators during post-industrial time. LeAgility is fashionable term (LEAN and Agile), but quick learning and ability to meet changing client requirements has always been an important organisational skill. Estonian and Latvian companies are often struggling with systematic and quick learning.